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Why Tourism

Have you ever visited Egypt or Israel as a nave, contemporary tourist, following like a lamb the hypnotic guide? Have you heard these polished, frequently repeated stories about a vanished civilization, its secrets and riddles? Have you wondered at the colossal structures of the "ancients" or their "colossal" antiquity? Have you stood reverently motionless in "biblical" Jerusalem?
You haven't lost anything if up to now you haven't accepted passive participation in this wide-scale historical bluff which, by the way, was started not so long ago. If there are already Egyptian or Israeli impressions in the traveler's archive of memories, then the new, scientifically based look at these actually unique, in the historic retrospective, places in light of the approach proposed by our research society will be a real revelation. 
  We invite You to visit and see by yourself why we move the chronology of   Egypt to Middle Ages   and the actual location of ancient Jerusalem to city known today as Istanbul.    Please fill up the following form and our staff will contact You as soon as we can.