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Codes of Moral Martices:   How are Matrices formed



Laws of Matrix

                                     How are Matrices formed?


  One can say that when boys of any origin are left alone to survive in difficult surroundings, they will fully develop a chimp moral code within two years. Firstly, they will distinguish each member of the group from all other people, creating an 'us' and 'them' division. Secondly, their social status will be defined by fights, and a disgrace procedure will be invented to connect the loser and winner; this will involve imitating, replacing or performing the sexual act. A similar disgracing activity is applied to new members of a gang.

 The 'disgrace' system is required by the  chimp code. Indeed, in well-studied African tribes, youngsters are accepted in the company of hunters by performing oral sex to older tribe members (seen as an act of maturity). The logic of the hierarchical pyramid, forces its members to use domination, where submissive competitors are overpowered and forced to play a passive role in sexual intercourse. In the chimp moral codes, the act of coitus between males is not considered a homosexual activity. In patriarchal countries, the act of using boys for sexual pleasure is widely practiced, and where more hierarchical codes dominate over monogamy/polygamy a fixation on anal sex becomes the societal preference. In chimp moral systems, this type of intercourse is associated with power and social status. Men don’t have vaginas, therefore anal sex becomes a relationship of power.
  When hierarchical man performs anal sex to demonstrate his domination and high status, there is often a sadistic dimension to the act. A woman of this matrix is often deeply masochistic.

-Whereas, monogamous man or woman would avoid anal sex, perhaps seeing it as abnormal and preferring not to talk about this taboo.
  However, in the popularity matrix, anal sex between men is viewed as a sign of attention that defines social status.

 [Curiously enough, sadomasochism became  popular at the end of the 20th century. Hundreds of websites  gave sadomasochistic date mates a chance to meet each other. At first glance, this might seem to contradict the concept of non-violent bobobos in relation to the behaviour of contemporary humans. But, as Marx explains: "History repeats itself, the first as tragedy, then as farce". - This is the case with the sexual games of modern times and the hierarchical sadism in previous centuries. Let's explore this example further . A 40 year old masochistic woman developed an inability to achieve sexual arousal without violence. She suffered 20 years of an abusive marriage, where her drunken husband would beat and rape her on daily basis. After years of living with her aggressor, she fully adjusted to this type of relationship and became masochistic, reaching full orgasm within mutually acknowledged encounters. Then her husband died from liver failure and she discovered her own inability to achieve non- violent relationships, and was compelled towards sadomasochistic dating.  She denied this impulse, claiming:" They are just weird games, it's not real". She was absolutely right - the Popularity Matrix makes people behave like Bonobo, playing inventive games, including sadomasochistic sexual pleasures. However, such gaming is usually denied by real sadomasochists – as an imitating game, unlike reality, it has its limitations and rules: how to get out, how hard to hit each other etc.]

          The Exclusivity Matrix on the other hand, as with monogamous gibbons in nature, tries to prohibit all sexuality and even public talks about it. Gay relationships were viewed as a sickness up to 1990s , as well as many other non-standard sexual activities.  In countries  influenced by monogamous relationships, hierarchical sexuality is replaced by symbolic acts. The symbol replaces  the ‘real thing’, if it's prohibited or missing. For example, the word 'Elephant' is a symbol which replaces the term of ‘big animal’; it provides an easier form of expression. Or, for example, on television, we find that swearing words are often substituted by a beep, and thus the sound itself becomes a symbol of foul language.
           At the end of 20th century, soldiers in the Russian army, were strictly divided into 3 categories:
1) “elder” who served over 1.5 years;

2) “ladle” who served over 1 year ;
3) “neophyte” who served less than 1 year .

 They were treated harsh and forced to perform the dirty work, while older soldiers treated them practically as slaves; despite the fact, there was no such law in place. After 1 year of serving in the army, a newbie converted to the higher class of ‘ladles’, by beating his butt 12 times with metal ladle from the kitchen. This beating is a direct symbolic replacement of the sexual act in the Chimp Matrix; when someone is accepted into the gang as a new, low status member, they have the opportunity to be become privileged compared to a neophyte.

   A variety of acceptance and humiliation procedures for replacement of the sexual act is huge. Some groups shave their heads, some have to make obligatory tattoos, some are forced to jump into the river during winter or are humiliated by being urinated on or made to sing special songs. The Military Chimp code in any country requires wearing certain type of uniform or dress code to demonstrate their hierarchy. They might also, forcefully kneel before the flag and kiss it. The gangsters have to wear appropriate clothes, jewelry and tattoos.
  The stricter the hierarchical order between people, the more their matrix requires showing obedience to a higher power. Muslims have to bow many times a day, peasants had to kneel before noblemen etc. Kneeling generally is a passive sexual position, defined in the chimp code as a sign of belonging and obedience to higher masculinity. Therefore, when becoming a knight, a person  rests on the knees to be touched by the sword, where the sword is representative of the phallus. Demonstrating passive behaviour, newly accepted group members often cry. Such “surrender” to great power is very popular – many people drop the tears when the national anthem is played, in churches or when worshiping communistic or Islamic leader or event.

          Summarizing all of these together, one can formulate the basic principle of a chimp code: hierarchical moral structures are based on the instincts of the male. It defines everything - tradition, culture, the very definition what is beautiful and what is ugly.
          The  violent sexuality of the Chimp Matrix defines a sharp division between members of the group and all other people. The member’s place in the pyramid of authority is achieved by power, and any new person to the group challenges the existing order. It makes joining the 'brotherhood' quite difficult, only possible by merging to it from the bottom of the chain, after sexual or symbolic disgrace procedures are carried out. Indeed, a president or king of any country cannot suddenly become the leader of another state.

 For social bonding, the violent sexuality of the male has one unavoidable consequence - any other organized group of people always appears to be the enemy, and the degree of the hierarchical moral codes purity, is proportional to the division between good 'us' and bad 'them' . This can create extremes in behaviour, where primitive cannibals can eat people from other tribes, considering them as animals. The same separation has been demonstrated in history many times - the European nobility, Hitler, Stalin and many other ideologies.

  The monogamists are very different. While the aggressive hierarchical matrix comes to people in hard times, helping them to survive, the exclusive relationship between man and woman occurs when life is more or less stable and there is enough food on the table. 
          In the Gibbon Matrix, the male instinct of dominance is compensated by the female power to allure. They neutralize each other setting new moral goal - monogamists only care about wealth, exactly like gibbons in nature, which care about the quality and size of their territory because the property is included in monogamous marital “contract”.

          Most of today's known countries have different structures of monogamists, but only systems with classical monetary capitalism have money as the major power of society and the major measurement of respect. The monetarists not only successfully defended the nobility, Communism, Islamism etc., but also achieved an incredible prosperity for human civilization, promoting freedom, which in their case is freedom to make money. In realty noblemen, communists, fascists and others, though being formally involved in monogamy, betray this classical union between man and woman by surrendering its priority to different ideas - of God, of King, of Equality, of Nation, or any other newly invented higher purpose of life.
          So summarizing the main principle of the Gibbon Matrix, one can claim that the closed combined sexuality of man and woman, results in the strict prohibition of an external sex life, and the worship of money becomes the main ranking mechanism.  Probably here, one should further examine why monogamy contests open sexuality so vigorously; especially protecting children from any sexual initiation.
          Despite popular opinion, kids are not against sexuality at all; they try to get positive emotions any way they can. If not stopped, many girls might start masturbating by the age of 3, successfully reaching orgasm, or sometimes trying to put different objects into vaginas; in many cases successfully removing their hymen years before any sexual contact with men.
          What about men then? Ask any experienced professional, working with kids. Boys will try to grab their penis from infancy and many of them will explore the anus, trying to massage the prostate from behind. So generally, kids are not against sexual pleasures at all, and there is no scientific evidence which proves sexuality is harmful to kids. None at all, they like it.
          So why do typical monogamous parents so actively protect their kids from their sexuality? - For a reason, of course.
  Monetary capitalism and previous systems are based on private property as a way of production and wealth distribution, where the contact between man and woman in relation to have exclusive sex is also an agreement about shared property. Monogamy needs to suppress any sexuality of kids, until they are capable of owning their own property; it's the natural logic of gibbons. Early sexuality might bring teen pregnancy, which is catastrophic for the monogamous relationship despite a woman’s body being capable of giving birth at the age 14. Unlike animal gibbons, which are strict with their behaviour patterns , humans are constantly experimenting with their morality and monogamy is working hard to protect children from 'dirty' images and words.
          In hundreds of human monogamous subcultures, sex has been demonised.  Abstinence from various sorts of pleasures, often called asceticism, is practiced by many leading figures and saints. Rumours claim that Stalin used to sleep as a soldier, covering himself with an overcoat, instead of blanket.

          Robert Payne, in his biography of Hitler, wrote: "Hitler's asceticism played an important part in the image he projected over Germany. According to the widely believed legend he neither smoked nor drank, nor did he eat meat or have anything to do with women."

 And not only tyrannical figures of the 20th century practiced asceticism; most Christian saints are viewed as martyrs, suffering and dying for their faith. This might be said about practically any saint or legend in any religion. One might ask why does the Gibbon Matrix need to declare pleasure as a bad thing, including not only sex, but eating or drinking wine?
  For blind obedience the authority needs a proof of its holiness. Monogamy divides all cultural events as “dirty” and “clean”, its real or fictional heroes are drawn as spotlessly innocent, relating any physical or moral pain as a way of soul purification and otherwise – many pleasures are declared as “repulsive animal instincts”. Everyday kneeling of Muslims, learning holy books by rote of Jews or Catholic required confession are the ways to develop blind rules and have always been typical weapon of hierarchy.
  As explained before, the Chimp Matrix is the best for warring and aggression, but the wealth growth, much needed for monogamy requires peace, freedom of trade, freedom to hire workers and freedom of enterprise. The harsh division between the poor and rich always provides a foundation for social unrest; especially if the rich classes behave inappropriately.  This 'misappropriation' is always a result of the development of the Bonobo Matrix: open sexuality, homosexuality etc.
          Ideas of the ascetic life influence the rich and powerful families to behave humbly; it also provides the poorer classes with the illusion of justice and happiness in the afterlife (if they patiently tolerate their misfortune).
          The whole principle of monetary democracy is the fair power distribution between the wealthiest tribes, while the totalitarian ruler provides unfair advantages for himself and ends up in a hierarchical matrix of royalty. Monetary democracy as system, has never intended to supply equal voting rights to the poor or weak layers of society. The requirements for voting are usually based on a monetary, racial or gender criteria, which renders most of the population outside of the democratic process until the 20th century.
 Between 1900 and 1960 monogamy flourished in western civilization. When the prosperity of the human race reached its peak, the Bonobo Matrix came into existence.
          The popularity moral code, or better to use the modern term ‘attentionalism’ [7] comes to humanity, when women no longer need a provider and defender, fulfilling their needs without violence. Female sexuality is passive and drives women to draw attention to themselves to gain popularity. Attentionalism is fully based on female instincts.
 The bonobo moral code spontaneously comes into existence in the isolated cases of previous centuries, when the upper classes lost a sense of reality and over-exploited the rest of the population. This exploitation always comes with sexual freedoms and homosexuality, as with the excesses of the French nobility in the 17-18th centuries. These noblemen wore big curly wigs, tight pantyhose, exposing their reproductive areas, and they powdered their faces imitating female behaviour. The homosexuality of the French nobility became legendary and the popularity of sexual literature beat all previous records in history.
          There will be a chapter in this book devoted to historical analysis. First though, to demonstrate how female instincts have permeated the modern social mind, we will now examine the topic of pets.

Since the dawn of time, humans have adopted dogs and cats, but interestingly enough, each moral matrix produces its own attitude toward pets. In the chimp moral code, pets are only tools for defence, offence, and hunting or mice catching; they have no emotional connection with the owners. They are treated as the lowest members of the hierarchical pyramid and are ruthlessly beaten or killed. The same attitude towards pets prevails in patriarchal monogamy; while social connections are built between pet and owner, they are treated roughly by both men and women.
          When monogamy reached its fully developed stage of monetary capitalism, the relation to pets dramatically changed and they became family members, friends. The first commercially prepared dog food was introduced in England around 1860. In 1947 cat litter became available to U.S. consumers, making it much easier to keep cats indoors. They too became prized as pets and eventually surpassed dogs in popularity.
 Today, when the Bonobo Matrix is becoming dominant, pets are substitutes for children. People talk with pets as if they are babies, they feed them as babies, they even directly call them 'my baby', which had never happened in mass culture. The root of this phenomenon is simple – the popularity moral code is based on female instincts and the strongest of them is motherhood.

 Females from different species will raise the young of another animal; especially if their own cubs have died. A tigress would feed piglets, or a wolf might take care of a human baby.
 When the Bonobo Matrix is becoming dominant  the love to pets and other living creatures achieves unprecedented levels. Firstly, many people start to accept all creatures as kids and become vegetarian, furiously protecting their 'rights'. As mentioned previously, Bonobo in nature are bisexual and indeed, with human gays, vegetarianism is around 30%, while the general population has only 4-5% of people who don't eat meat. Furthermore, statistically women are more likely to become a vegetarian.
           Fundamental to the moral codes of all matrices, is the tendency to furiously protect themselves. For example, a person who burns a hundred dollar bill to light a cigarette, doesn’t do this to demonstrate their wealth, but to show they have overcome wealth as a way to gain respect, to disgrace money, to show a different 'higher' moral principle. Therefore, people of the chimp code 'burn money' to show their superiority, monogamists think of swearing as a ‘low’ form of communication, accumulating wealth as social status, and finally, in the culture of attentionalism, all previous morals are deemed homophobic, greedy or hateful.
          These three competing matrices have existed in human societies from the start of recorded history. Therefore, in the19th century, a soldier might beat a dog to train his skills in fighting, a peasant might feed a dog to protect his house, and an aristocratic lady, might treat her puppy like a baby. These three different layers of society expose the typical behaviour of the three moral programs.
          Let us now examine another sensitive subject – of rape. Brave human rights activists have travelled to different war zones in northern Africa to study the lives of women. They found evidence for the systematic rape of thousands of women. This might seem harsh, but as defined in the strict hierarchical code of common chimpanzees, rape is the only sexual life these women have. As soon as warzone boys reach puberty, they try to join organized military gangs that have a loose control over territories, which are constantly at war. These criminal-like forces are responsible for the distribution of the western donations of food and money, stealing most of it for their own purposes - exactly as the Chimp Matrix declares. In these areas, women and children have the lowest status, and being raped is better than being killed. As inhuman as it might seem, raping provides a successful reproduction cycle, bringing new generations of rapists and victims. Completely supporting the efforts of the human rights activists, one should make clear that any existing moral Matrix is combined with the ecosystem and always arises as a result of the environment.
          The cultural life of the Chimp Matrix is also based on man's instincts. Let's analyze Greek mythology in relation to violence against women. Gods and heroes in these legends mostly kidnap beautiful women and do whatever they desire with them. Strangely enough, nobody called it rape. The same approach can be found in hundreds of myths and legends of different nations around the globe. 

 Hierarchical humans accept rape as a normality and being gay as the lowest class of untouchables. Monogamists, however, express a different view on the subject. The Gibbon Matrix needs to hide sexuality at any cost to stabilize the exclusivity of the family. This is why this morality is steeped in myths and prohibitions. Adults pretend to be asexual in public, while satisfying their lust behind closed doors. Even the very term 'lust' is sinful in this code, where cultural gender relationships are divided into groups of ‘clean’(feelings of love) and ‘dirty’(sexual desire).
          Formally, sexual assaults are prohibited today in all countries, but elementary statistics show deep differences in attitude, depending on the prevailing matrix in any given society. 99% of raped women in traditional monogamous relationships would prefer not to report it to the police. Firstly, this is because the subject is 'dirty' and her sexual life will be exposed for public observation, which can be even more stressful than the rape itself. Secondly, the highly popular opinion between traditionalists, automatically blames women for the rape, ascribing to the victim alluring behaviour and therefore, accepting the rape as a punishment for provocative sexuality.
          In 2005 I was asked by friends to help a 25 year old new immigrant from provincial Russia to adjust in Canada. After a couple of beers and some talk about jobs, the guy complained of having difficulties visiting local parties and meeting girls. To my light amusement, the nature of the problem had been described by him as an impossibility to beat girls in Toronto. In answer to my suggestion that the reason for such aggression was typical to a chimp moral code, he asked: 'What should I do if some whore refuses to dance with me?'

 On further investigation of his history of relationships with women, I found that the fellow assumed any woman that disobeyed his will was seen as a 'fucking whore', but on the other hand, when talking about past girlfriends, he identified them technically as his property, carefully protecting them from any violent male competitors and supplying them with money.

          The attitude that views women as property and a raped woman as broken property is pervasive. In 2002, a Pakistani tribal council ordered an 18-year-old girl to be gang-raped in order to punish her family, after her brother was seen walking with a girl from a higher class tribe. In the tribal system, the rights of the individual don't exist. The raped girl didn't do anything to deserve this punishment, but in this matrix, she is viewed as the property of the tribe.

. However, if a boy from a higher tribe is seen with a girl from a lower tribe, nobody would give a damn, because active male sexuality is deemed to be acceptable. This is a typical chimp principle implemented in tribal/caste systems. If a prince wants a peasant's girl – it’s OK, but a peasant boy, can't even think about a relationship with a higher positioned woman, or serious consequences will follow.
As much as one can call it inhuman and barbaric, tribal systems allow people to survive in very harsh desert conditions , where each tradition and form of punishment is a result of adjusting to the hard reality of life. The hierarchy of tribes in Pakistan are similar to the caste system in India, or the relationship between the European nobility with rest of the population. Moreover, a poor peasant in the15th century couldn't even dream about a relationship with a duke's daughter, and the consequence for his misbehaviour could result in a dire punishment.
          It's probably banal to say, but one should note that in any given society, laws and law enforcement serve the interests of the elite. In the hierarchy of Russian criminals, the 'thief in law' acts as a judge and has the power to severely enforce his decisions. European kings wrote laws for themselves and the nobility, monogamous monetary capitalism serves the richest families and attentionalism brings passive power to celebrities, women and kids.
          The modern Bonobo Matrix has started in the middle of 20th century, where female instincts pervade society from the bottom to the top and are producing a new higher class of women and new attitudes to sexual assault. Never in the history of humanity are rapists and sex offenders prosecuted more harshly.  They are hunted like mad dogs and hostility toward them increases year after year. After jail, sex offenders are registered and have no privacy or expiration date on this matter. Chemical castration has been legalized in many countries and sometimes is even not voluntary.
          Public discussions on rape have become the favourite subject of many talk shows. Furthermore, it's become fashionable for people to claim they have been sexually abused in childhood. One can ask why? The Bonobo Matrix ranks people by positive and negative popularity, as female sexual instinct tell them to draw positive attention to themselves and negative attention to the danger.

          Many women don't know the answer to the simplest of questions of a jealous man: "Whom are you trying to be beautiful for?" Usually they reply, "For myself" just because they really don’t know the answer. One could ask the same question with regard a TV station – beauty is a show and it’s broadcasted for anybody who's willing to watch and follow.
  Attention starvation is at the core of passive sexuality, and the more unsatisfied a woman is, the brighter and more sexual her appearance will be (even in previous moral matrices). Fast growing contemporary attentionalism equates rank/respect with the amount of attention a person may receive; this completely diminishes power and money as measurement mechanisms, and the competition for attention in contemporary times is unprecedented.

          Just as Bonobo in Africa play in the jungle, we have invented hundreds of different games to watch or engage in. Video games, social networking, sports games for both genders - all of these are ways to attract attention and divide popularity. We're also getting more sexually open (as bonobo are) while the amount of stable couples are decreasing showing monogamy’s failure to support the reproductive cycle.
  Female instincts form the new matrix which is slowly being embedded into our psyches, generation after generation: we love animals and nature as a mother loves her child, we’re afraid of cataclysms as women are. As harsh and ruthless as the Chimp Matrix is, one can say that these people aren’t easily scared. In the male moral code  crying is viewed as a sign of weakness and disgrace, while modern men are not ashamed to cry - why not, if it draws attention?
          We care about the environment not because we have become smart, but because we are following the female desire of setting up a nest. Our fear of global warming or asteroid catastrophe is shaped by a female assessment of such events.
          It would be naive and wrong to say that modern man is a 'wuss' in comparison to the 'brave' chimp morality. Modern man fights wars, jumps from aeroplanes or ventures into outer space and deep into the ocean (as men always did). While the moral values in their heads are formed by the instincts of women, it doesn't mean they are weak or scared.
          You can ask street prostitutes in 1990’s Hong Kong about global warming, or women’s rights in Africa, or vegetarianism, with very predictable results - they don't care; having a chimp moral Matrix such values don't mean anything. On the other hand, they do respect power by obeying their pimp. They are females with a morality formed by male hierarchical instincts. They value power and despise weakness. So one should remember that any gender can be loaded with any moral code [(being more exact, “gender” is one of the loadings)]. Today, Bonobo morality is becoming widespread.
          Modern fathers now behave towards their kids in the traditional role of the ‘mother’, while 60 years ago they would have taught boys to fistfight and gambled on the result, and crying would have been seen as shameful for 'real men'. Nowadays, fathers are supposed to be responsible while the definition of 'responsibility' includes only female related roles - changing diapers, making homework, participating in school plays etc. Men cry, men talk about their feelings, men care about the signs of aging exactly like a woman. The Bonobo Matrix is converting society to a matriarchy, it's inevitable.
 All matrices have distinct forms of communication which are invisible to each other, because they are using different protocols of behaviour. Indeed, the moral priorities of the Sicilian mafia are not broadcasted on TV. Incompatibility of different moral codes makes communication between them extremely difficult and may result in combustive riots. It would be hard to organize a gay parade in today's Afghanistan, for instance.
          The invisibility of these matrices can be achieved in different ways. One of the most popular ways is through physical isolation without communication, which was implemented by USSR, using the policy of the 'Iron Curtain', or when polygamous Mormons ban the Internet, TV, books or public schools. It is the same for orthodox Jewish groups in Israel or Canada.
 Another interesting way to achieve isolation is to divide society by castes and forbid them to socialize; this is practiced in India, where each caste might have their own religious cult.

          One final question needs to be explored in this chapter - why does the matrix have only three forms? The number 3 is dictated by types of sexuality:

    1) the open [‘public’] active male sexuality of hierarchy with forceful/dominant sex

2) The closed [‘private’] combined sexuality of couples with restricted zones of engagement


3) The open [‘public’] passive woman’s sexuality of attentionalism.


 This topic will be further explored more deeply when we come to examine ‘sex channels’.  People are always experimenting, trying to find new connections and breaking matrix laws, but when they depart from the current matrix, they come into conflict with the dominating moral code. Today, for example, gays can be jailed or killed in traditional societies, and cheating spouses are beaten to death in some Islamic countries.
           Therefore, experiments to change the matrix, can only go in the direction of the matrix development in relation to its new economic reality. Other alternatives will be discontinued on the principle of the ‘survival of the fittest’, or destroyed by the carriers of the modern moral code. For example, by realizing that the consequences of sexual interactions between father and daughter might result in the outcome of genetically sick children, brings in a firmly reflective monogamous moral code, prohibiting such interactions.