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Codes of Moral Martices:   Self identity



Laws of Matrix

The Weapon of Self-Identity


  A baby will copy  from its surrounding reality a role that  society wants him or her to play. It's called 'learning'.  Learning is a one way street. Try to forget how to ride a bike. Even after 40 years of not riding, your body will remember a sense of balance, especially if it's fun. Try to forget your first kiss, the feeling of first success, your ability to swim in clear water. Once you learned to swim -  it's with  you forever, for better or for worse. The  inability to forget your skill is one of the fundamental principles of the  matrix installation  once we have established informational records, our brain  can’t do anything about it. We don’t know how to forget. 
          This is exactly why a gay man cannot be cured. He knows how to love his own gender. It's a skill that can be learned by anybody, but it's impossible to forget the  knowledge of how wonderful it can be and how  to gain   pleasure out of it. It’s   too bad if a person would deny this possible connection with the opposite sex, it's all just a matter of experience and available skills. Most adult men learn how to  have sex with a woman, some don't, and some learn how  to do it with  either sex. So unfortunately,  one should come to the reasonable conclusion that there are no ‘gays’ or ‘straights’; they are just part of the matrix which has different roles for various circumstances.  
   One can get sexual pleasure practically from anything. You can find on internet how man is masturbating using octopus. And once reaching orgasm our brain will remember the way to get it forever. In the same manner are born all “sexual orientations”, including heterosexuality and homosexuality. Curiously, the heterosexuality, which is considered to be natural, needs first learning experience to create anchored record in database of pleasures – monks , who never tried women, don’t feel a need after a while.
          Our sexuality is  intimately connected with our sense of beauty, which is a completely relative notion, absorbed by us from our parents and the current civilization.  At one point  in time, a very fat woman might be considered to be a beauty queen (as with Polynesian tribes) but this is not the case as  measured  by  French fashion magazines  of the 20th century.
   The best modern perfume might smell repulsive to a person who has never been taught what a good smell is, furthermore, the  Polynesian people use old ham grease to cover their bodies and  consider the smell to be an  exclusive aroma. Professional nurses or experienced  mothers can tell you that small babies don't experience  negative emotions towards fecal odours, and if not stopped, they will try to taste it, as many other animals do.  The wide ranging criteria between what is considered ‘repulsive’ and ‘beautiful’, tells us that all emotional values of beauty and goodness are  programmed  in our  minds, depending on the civilization in which we live.
          The  evolution of sexuality in nature,  ranges from the simple non-gendered reproduction cycle of bacteria to the complicated social relationships of the hyena's matriarchy, or the lion's polygamous family. The only difference between humans and other types of living  creatures is  the ability to change our family type. Animals are hard-coded (genetically programmed) to follow their code, while humans  experiment  with their sexuality, and are constantly changing to find the appropriate  behaviour for both genders  and the conditions suitable for their  lifestyle - monogamy , polygamy, threesomes, hippie clans etc. We are the only animals  who can change all their behavioural patterns, including sexuality  and learning.
          For example,  let us examine the algorithm of how sadistic sex offender becomes so.  Here, we need to revisit the logic of  chimps. In harsh conditions, with  little food present, males will  fight over available resources. If the loser  doesn’t give up, he dies;  but if he does, the winner  is rewarded with sexual release, which makes a positive connection  with the loser. This code is also installed in humans in different ways, but follows the same logic ­­––violence results in pleasure.         There is a powerful association between ‘assault’ and ‘orgasm’, after  much repetition, this creates an  unavoidable addictive learning record in the brain. As a drug addict is lured to the pleasurable feelings induced by the drugs, the sadist is addicted  to violent sex. Potential sex offenders can come from any  matrix, but all of them have learnt that violence brings sexual rewards.  This can happen when the male has no peaceful means of attaining a female, mixed  with alcohol this will result in a violent sexual encounter that brings pleasure and creates the first learning experience  – more assaults are just a matter of time.
          The monogamous principal of sexual shame is installed in a similar way. At the moment when a boy realizes  the privacy of sexuality, while being taught to hide his penis or being punished for public masturbation, he learns to avoid any sexual topics.   Monogamous boys  abstain talking to girls, at least until puberty, because of the 'shameful' ban brought about by their parents or the kindergarten.  Bans and taboos are teachable patterns, but their installations in  people can be lifted in many cases.  The religions  of the world are trying to root  fear  into the believer's mind, rein forcing the purposes of an underlying  matrix - hell, torture, unbearable  events are promised to sinners. We are not supposed  to do so many things, but still we do them.
          Teaching patterns can be created by means of persuasion, creating other bans and taboos that are usually controlled by our sense of self-identity. Self-awareness or self-identity is related to ‘who  you think you are’. For example, when I think  "I'm a man", this is a form of self-identity that installs my gender. When I think,  "he is my brother", the same principle is applied- it creates in  your brain a specific association between  you and another man, which is typical  in tribal ideology.  
           The matrix has to optimize reproductive social connections according to the amount of available wealth, which causes it to implement specific roles from childhood.  Parents understand their responsibility to raise  children in frames of acceptable behaviour, for a specific time and place. The roles installed in people for self-identification include gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and caste  etc.  Having self-identification as a dimension of existence, it acts as a system of coordinates, as a focal point  for our reality.  The matrix  uses  active and passive self-identities to group people and place  them  in the circumstances best needed  for survival purposes.

           For example, the Russian career criminals we have already examined strictly divide people  into categories of 'thieves' and 'fraiers' (simpleton), 'fags' and 'whores'.  These criminals  will never accept any possibility of the existence of other types of people.  This criminal morality is a system of coordinates, where they cannot imagine something different or alternative . For example, the Queen of England would be considered as an ‘expensive whore.’

   In this matrix , any unusual dress code  for men, unusual tattooing, or non-standard behaviour will be interpreted  as 'fagot'. In jail,  for having the wrong tattoo, a man can be marked as a 'bitch' and raped. Hierarchical morality is  strict in defining what is 'normal', and  ‘abnormal’ behaviour can result in a person being disgraced by rape, insult or brutality.           The  matrix  views self-identification as a positive emotional mechanism belonging to normality. Normality,  on other hand, is a  criteria for measuring who belongs to a particular   matrix.
          Practically everyone considers  oneself   as normal, while having  differences in the definition of normality. In 1984, I was serving time in a Russian military jail, for disobeying a direct order of a superior officer.  There were 30 soldiers in one big room and one of them told  several listeners that he has a girlfriend waiting for him  to return home.  The most interesting comment on this was given  by one of the soldiers who had previously spent 4 years in a criminal prison. He asked: "Are you a normal man or a cunt licker?” From  having interactions with this guy, I discovered that anything considered to be remotely romantic was, in his words,  'cuntlicking', and a ‘normal’ man should never  be dependent  on a 'piece of whore'.
    While the attack of the Chimp Matrix on monogamous  values of love is typical and completely understandable, one should  note that the described soldier had the same deep  sense of his own normality, as anybody does in modern Canada. For instance,  his understanding of a 'normal man' is the same delusional perception of reality as anybody else. In his case, what is deemed ‘normal’ was shaped by the hierarchical Russian mafia, where men do not engage in the idea of romance.
           Our sense of identity, not only gives us a comforting feeling of normality, it also forms and bends the vision of things, and this part is hard to accept or  even to believe.  How can  you see the lens in your own eyes? Any assumed identity,   such as,  'man', 'Canadian', 'father’, ‘sexually straight' , makes you judge the surrounding reality by the rules of your own normality. Only if a person can imagine himself outside of all matrix roles, will they be able to see the matrix itself.
    Our identity is formed through our moral eyes, the very core of  the matrix.  It functions in two ways, incoming and outgoing, giving  you the inside realization 'who I am', a sense of normality and a pattern to recognise normality.  Also, if a person has an identity and cannot recognize another human in the dimensions of this awareness to the matrix, they will generate a strong negative signal, where the  amount of negativity is strictly proportional to the positive feeling of belonging to the ‘self’('who I am').
           For example, religious Catholics understand and respect other religions, agreeing that the format of religion is a question of tradition, but they are much more hostile and aggressive to atheists, in many cases, calling them 'servants of the devil'. It is important to understand this reaction. The sense of   belonging to God provides the  believer  with a feeling of  righteousness and a clear understanding of what is good and what is bad.  The existence of believers in other religions is accepted as natural, as having other languages or races around the globe. However, to the believer, the atheist is seen to possess a ‘bad morality’ and to belong to hell and the devil.  The stronger the faith,   the higher the emotional level of negativity and repulsiveness is formed in believer’s head.

          The same is happening with nationalities. The  word 'nationality' in various countries has  different meanings. In Canada, it means just a citizenship, provided to immigrants or anybody who is born there. In most of Europe it means a bloodline as well, and  you are Russian, if your parents are Russian, so while having a citizenship of Russia, millions of people count themselves as Tatars, Ukrainians, Jews or Uzbeks.

           Having a national self-identity ('American', 'Russian', 'German' etc.) can make people dislike  others without nationality. 'How can you  be without nationality?' - The question will be raised. The  usual reaction of nationalists  will be negative, or at least suspicious, questioning the heritage of others. Everybody should have roots - this is a norm of nationalism. In practice, denying your roots is the same as denying religion, may be unusual but possible.
           Like a criminal will call  an unidentified person a 'fagot',  the religious man will  label the atheist as a 'devil worshiper’, and the European or Arabian  patriot considers a Jew to have an 'unknown nationality'.  In the next chapter, we will examine, why the term ‘Jew’ (as a symbol)'' plays such a devilish role for the nationalist  patriot.  In brief, one  might say, that like the Bible defines the distinction between ‘God’ and the ‘Devil’, providing  a moral compass for the believer, ‘official science’ defines the ‘history of nations as  pseudo-scientific stories that conceal the reality of the old real names behind a special and mystical nation - the Jews.
           A  positive belief in   nation, a  strong sense  of belonging to the motherland and tears for the national anthem, goes together with negativity towards Jews.  Nationalism or patriotism  is just another form of religion, where an historical identity groups people together, creating their sense of reality. Machiavelli himself, the father of philosophy, wrote: "History is written by the victors", meaning it’s not exactly truth, not even close to truth.      
   Any national patriotism beyond 1950 includes the simple rule - the more patriotic the person, the more anti-Semitic  they are. Only during the 60s, after the Bonobo Matrix started to influence minds, this formula is partly disappeared in  Western civilization, but for the Arabian world, it is still existent today and will most likely  be present for another 40-50 years.  National  and religious  identities are usually easy to recognise and it is not very difficult to imagine yourself outside of these broad categories.  It is even  harder for many of the readers  to manipulate  the idea of gender and sexual orientation.
          What is  gender? It’s another self-identity, and again, it belongs to the  matrix. It has all the signs of self-identity - strong separation, strong belonging, and the inability to imagine people without gender.
   One can argue about the  anatomic differences between man and woman, but why should it cause a separation in self-imaging? For example, the physical presence of genetic  differences between the races causes  many people to think about comparing their abilities, and such a comparison is definitely racism. It’s  the same  with gender; any comparison between  the abilities of men  and women  is pure sexism, which was required for our civilization in the past, but completely useless and hurtful for our future. 
          While our ancestors were hunting mammoths or fighting wars with heavy swords, the differentiation between men and women was incredibly important. Men were destined to carry out hard and violent jobs due to their physical strength, and women had to play  the opposite role  for reproduction and support. These roles created whole civilizations, their culture, their religions and most importantly, their identity.
          Additionally, as previously explained, our morality  has to imitate the sexual patterns of great apes, where a hierarchical  and monogamous  system needs the strict separation between female and male. This is why parents, generation after generation, have been inspiring  clear differences between boys and girls - in clothes, in games, in reactions, in behaviour.
          For a girl, the mother might say:  'Don't be dirty as a boy', 'don't spread your legs like a boy', 'don't spit like a boy'  etc. For boys, usually the comparison with girls acts as a general insult: 'Don't cry as a girl', '  you're such a wuss', fight like a man' .  However, nothing is random in the matrix. These correctional messages  encourage children to copy their own traditional gender roles and forbids them to imitate the opposite gender, setting the standards for sexual normality, which is varied  in each  matrix. Having a large amount of correcting messages, both negative and positive experiences, the child accepts his/her gender as a prescribed role in society.  Gender is an identity, which lies at  the core of our hierarchical and monogamous  matrices, but when talking about sexuality, one needs to  note that there is a difference between gender and sexual orientation.
           Despite popular opinion, there is no relation between the subjects. It's like  Superman and Spiderman, the only connection between them is the fictional nature of the  stories. The  efforts of science was concentrated to find a hormone that makes  a person transgendered, or  trapped in the wrong body - with very little results - because there is no  hormone, chemical reaction or any transference of soul. The simple truth is - it happens  because of the installation of the  matrix in the human brain can in some cases, be “corrupted”.  
The need for man's muscular power in the modern world has disappeared. Automated with powerful tools, robots and aeroplanes,  anybody can perform mighty tasks without strength in their hands. With no longer any need for our muscles, we  are dissolving the self-identity myths created thousands of years ago to support a  people  divided by gender. Women are wearing men's clothes and serve in the army. Men cry and talk about their feelings.
          Here one should further examine the mystery of how gay culture materialises. I would risk suggesting the following assertion:  All  humans have  2 channels of sexuality - active and passive, for transmitting or receiving emotional communication and information with other humans.
   This thesis is the basic idea for all the conclusions  made in this book and I have no physical proof  for this axiom. As many  researchers do, I just took this hypothesis as a working model to  explain   our social and psychological reality, like  Darwin did with his model  for human origins.
   Additionally, my hypothesis is  merely a further development of the long  standing theory that all positive interactions between people are based on sexuality, including friendship, relatives and children. This theory of S. Freud is widely disapproved by monogamous social science, which can't  accept 'dirty' relationships between parents and kids or between friends.  From my point of view, Freud was right, and today one can claim that seeking attention or being attentive is connected to our sexual thinking.  Therefore, attention of any kind is a micro sexual connection.  When a human receives  information  their  sexuality is passive [female], and when they provide information their sexuality is active [male].
          Transmitting or receiving attention works through different packets, or better to say ‘protocols’, as it’s done in modern informational science. Having two channels can severely limit  the ways  our society  can be built – passive entry effectively accepts only violence, while beauty or attention seeking makes up only three  matrices  for possible social organization. Expressing a more precise the meaning of ‘violence’, ‘beauty’ and ‘attention’, one should represent them as forced, restrictively lured and freely drawn attention.
           Our brain is capable  of loading any program of behaviour, but our centre   for sexuality is limited to certain rules of engagement:
   - The  transference  of  violent sexuality , forcing the other side to obey (hierarchy)
   - The  reception of beauty passively , transmitting active sexuality in return  (monogamy)
   - The  reception  and transmission  of attention, based on the standards of available gaming reality (attentionalism)

  To return to our point, how  a girl’s ‘soul’ can be trapped in a boy’s body?  We know that the markers, ‘boy’ or ‘girl’,  are  simply self-identities and one can easily trace how a ‘wrong’ gender can develop. Our sexual channels remember engagements, habits, skills and learned patterns of how to have fun with other humans, and as any learnable behaviour, depending on the teaching environment, one can learn certain ways faster than another – accumulated experience creates persistent habit. For example, I can speak three languages, but prefer Russian because I’m fluent in it. This preference is cognitive skill and in this sense, the sexual orientation is the same habit as well, the learned way to get pleasure.
          Receiving more active attention than required for monogamous normality, a baby boy  develops  a passive communication channel, and might start to copy his mother’s behavioural patterns  as a result, (following the motherly role similar to its own). Seeing mommy receiving attention passively, the boy might decide to copy her movements, intonations, ways to flirt, and later, at some point,  might identify himself as a girl.
           Active attention includes kissing, tickling, talking, rubbing, or anything else when the child is passively receiving  play/affection from an adult or siblings. Experienced parents  provide a normal [per  matrix] dosage of active play and do not over provide should it prove harmful to the  child’s development.
           On the other hand, a baby girl left without attention, has to cry to  receive love, and as a result, can  become skilful at seeking attention. The ability to seek love can trigger a copying of behaviour from the father, because he  actively engages with his wife. Summarizing, one can firmly claim a correlation  between the skills of passive and active communication and transsexual preferences in children, during the process of realising their gender.
           Is  it possible to reverse the process? Slowly and painfully, but yes, it is. I can force myself not to talk Russian, it’s possible. If  you leave a ‘girl in a boy’s body’ without active love, it will be most painful for the child, but in time, they might learn how to look for attention and realize new skills of pursuing  attention, instead of working on being pretty and receiving the attention passively.  On the contrary, the treatment  for a “boy in girl’s body”, should contain a lot of active love,  teaching the  simple skills of how to passively receive affection.
   Rafael Nadal , world class tennis player, has been born as right handed man. But his couch, when started to train him, has made unusual decision to develop left hand –it was easier to teach the hand without wrong muscle memory.
          The  direct consequence of being  the  centre of attention is extremely dangerous for sexual orientation and gender definition.  The   amount of gays in celebrity culture is much  higher compared   than in the general population. The same principle applies to royalty , and even to the dictatorship leaders. The leader of USSR, Leonid Breshnev, was at the passive  centre of attention in USSR between 1970 and 1983, developing many gay or feminine qualities without realising it; while everybody around was scared  to approach the issue.

          But before you start  moulding your child, trying to fix  their gender perception or sexual orientation, consider this – any differences in genders will disappear within a visible amount of  time, and  soon bisexuality will be considered  the new ‘normality’, where straight or gay couples will be considered ‘closed’ or ‘old school’. For instance , Michael Jackson simultaneously represents the characteristics of both man and woman,  as it considered to be ‘normal’ for beginning of  the 21th century.

   Multiple Christian or Islamic “clinics” for treatment gay, without good understanding what they’re doing, try to fix sexual orientation by power of lord -  praying and fasting are used to “heal” homosexual humans. Well, I can offer much more effective way to change queer men using main weapon of hierarchy - violence.
  If to beat such person, to insult him/her on daily basis using swearing, and finally to teach the person how to get resources/women using violence – the conversion is inevitable. This way Russian army successfully converts monogamous boys in aggressive, chimp-coded hierarchical solders in two years, who are ready to shed blood for the slightest reason and would bully anybody “who is not from us”.
  Relationships between parents and kids in monogamous relationships  have always been viewed  as ‘clean’, non-sexual and altruistic - which is a myth, of course. The Exclusive Matrix is the most complicated and self-contradicting one, carrying the most sophisticated lies and myths. But perhaps, one should explain the mechanism of attraction between parents and kids more thoroughly.
          Freud was absolutely right by saying  the parent’s love is an interrupted sexual cycle, where at some point sexuality is repressed, disallowing full arousal. For a guy who lived a hundred years ago, it is a fantastic scientific breakthrough. But he didn’t explain  why the cycle is interrupted; assuming the mechanism is  caused by nature,  but this assumption is certainly incorrect.
. There is a proof that in primitive societies an insect was some widely spread and in many occasions was dominant form of sexual life». V.I.Ovcharenko Philosophical dictionary].
   If we had  a built in genetic mechanism that protected  kids from their parents, we wouldn’t have a massive amount of prostitutes strangling their babies, or fathers raping their daughters, or mothers  having sexual contact with their sons. These are not aberrations to the  general rule, these cases are persistent examples, occurring within certain circumstances.
           In strict tribal societies, when the husband dies early, his son inherits all property, while the still relatively young mother is faced with  the idea of her son’s marriage, where the  new woman might manipulate  the son against the mother. In poor places, where having  wealth and support is extremely important, the mother prefers to sexually satisfy her son, to keep him unmarried. These are not isolated cases. When hundreds of thousands of immigrants from broken USSR flooded Israel in 1991, several serious scandals  circulated about the newcomers from the south ; this is because sexual  activity with your own child is seen as abuse by modern law. Medical magazines examined the case that came to light.  This proves that  we don’t have any genetic protection against sexually interacting with our children and certain circumstances might trigger it.
           In reality,  Freud’s interruption of sexual arousal between parents and kids, happens when barriers are installed  in our brain, preventing its development .      Wishing their child the best, parents  in the  monogamous matrix consider sexuality  a dirty subject, in which they protect the children from. If during  play with their children, a parent feels slight sexual arousal, his/her barrier of shame and guilt will  stop such a game, interrupting the cycle. Years of repetition form  the habit  of suppressing this sexual desire, so that it becomes instinctive and unnoticeable, like the skill of riding a bike.   In monogamous relationships,  keeping children ‘clean’ of sex  is a major condition of their survival, so parents   control  their own sexual desires, filtering TV and internet for sexual content. Speculation about our sexual relationship with children has led to the repression of sexual expression everywhere, including    art, literature, theatre and movies, and of course, it also filters  into language, where dictionaries containing expletives were prohibited. It happened at the same time as humans went into space; it’s happening now.
   On the other hand, contraception gained massive popularity during the 20th century. This imitates the  ability of Bonobo females to get pregnant at will,  and it changes the circumstances of sexual relationships for humans in a fundamental way.
           For generations, hierarchical and monogamous  matrices have  forbid  unwanted sexual connections between relatives, friends and same gendered couples, or between couples from disparate age groups; this is to prevent genetic deformity and for other economic reasons.  Contraception makes the unwanted consequences of sex safe, meaningless and simple,  adopting the Bonobo Matrix sooner or later, where sexual contact between family members takes place, which is now  viewed as warped  or repulsive behaviour. I should remind the reader, that any sense of repulsiveness or sense of beauty is just a matter of the current matrix installation, changeable at any time.
           Especially amusing in our current civilisation, is the movement for and against gay marriage. Monogamists brand  gay relationships as unnatural (signified by the lack of progeny in these relationships), while gays just want to have freedom, and make  the freedom of rights a major point of their argument. Indeed, homosexuality is unnatural for   the small family unit of gibbons,  but completely  suitable for a Bonobo group, so both sides are absolutely right, from their  matrix point of view.

 To summarize this chapter, let’s take a look at the  following table, showing the major identities in each  matrix.

Abbreviations :  

MG   Matrix of Gibbons ,(Monogamy and Polygamy)
MC    Matrix of Chimps ,(Hierarchy)
MB    Matrix of Bonobo  (Attentionalism)


Name of role / Notion


  Type of installation

Supported by skill or instinct

I am normal


active identity

Instinct of egoism.

I have a gender

MG or MC

active identity

Abstract notion produced by MG and MC to differentiate the sexes.

I’m a child

MG or MB

 active identity

Connection with mother.

 I’m straight/gay

MG or MC   

 active identity

 Skill of sexual intercourse

My [property, friend, spouse, child]

MG or MB

Passive identity

Supported by “I” as identity.


            From an evolutionary point of view, identities are not new in humans. The  most important and basic self-identity is “I”, whether funny or sad,  schizophrenic people can easily understand the instability and relativity of this matter. Strictly speaking, the biological machine of the human body has many different parts collected  in one organism and its unity is supported by the general assumption of “mine” –  for example – “my head” or “my hand”, which one can call the ‘belonging realization’. This is tremendously  widespread in nature,  from the social life of insects   to the billion dollars divorce settlements in the human law system, (where the wife and husband are arguing over their belongings).
           The identities can be active  or passive, depending on the sexual channels they  conform to. For example, if part of your identity has the sense that ‘I am a Canadian’ this is an active principle; meaning it  entered the human mind through a passive channel and brings  the female emotion of belonging to the larger group.  All such identities are hierarchical. It  might apply to a  criminal brotherhood, or to religious and national ideas. Each group usually requires certain acceptance/disgrace procedures, reinforced by the underlining sense of a higher power : God, Queen, Nation etc. , as   found between  chimps.

          A  passive identity is achieved by imposing a connection between  you and some external object or reflection: “‘My son’” ’my book’, ’my Facebook page’” Any extension of  you, reflected in different ways, is a passive identity,  found in monogamy and  Bonobo groups to unite their families. All property relationships (especially inheritance) were invented by the exclusive  matrix as a passive identity. This marks an historical  victory for women, when the idea of “this is your baby was imposed upon the mind of men. Indeed,  male parental behaviour and attachment to kids is strongly dependent on the loaded  matrix – hierarchical men  barely notice kids ; monogamy tries to raise them in restrictive mode, and only the ‘Bonobo’ father,  attempts to see himself in his children, loving them regardless of age.
          Passive identities reflect a person who is on the special domain of attention, and in this way, it unites  them. For example, the passive identity “ ‘my Facebook page’, assumes that a virtual part of  you is located on, and everyone  on this website  is loosely united in some kind of community.

          The persuasive idea that this is   ‘my property’”’ is one of the oldest passive identities that are widely implemented in human societies and between animals. To make a territory  ‘mine’, dogs pee on  street corners, bears scratch trees , other living creatures use fecal, fur and menstrual  fluids,  or other methods  to mark the area as ‘mine’ .   Humans are even more inventive. Legends of 'the promise land', 'founding fathers', 'motherland' , 'noble purpose' are  various from one  culture to another; from the 16th century to 21st , all of them providing a clear reason why certain resources should belong to a chosen group of people. Oil rich Arabian nations consider the reserves of 'black gold' as a blessing  from Allah, Russians hold huge and rich territories  as a 'historical achievement', and the USA discuss planet  earth  in terms of an 'area of national interest'. People build huge fences  and borders, separating countries or property; they shoot each other for trespassing, they train animals to kill intruders. It's all for the one reason – the notion of “property” is a passive idea maintained within the same species and only in a reproductive context. For example, the USA border with Mexico is crossed everyday by birds, rats, flies or snakes without them noticing it.  Let's underline all what we have discussed about identities:

-       If your identity is forming the idea of  who you are, it means it's active;

-       If your identity is constructing  ‘what’ or ‘who’ is yours, it means it's passive.

           It's important  from a studying point of view,  to qualify the   different ideas of identity as passive or active; because the hierarchic  matrix, knows only active ones, and  the bonobo operates only passive, while monogamy doesn't have any  identities; perhaps because we only have two  genders so far.
           Passive identities  (‘it's mine’)  are a  harder to understand compared  to active ones  ( ‘I'm a man’) . Therefore, a more thorough explanation is needed,  starting from the focal point of 'I'.
           'I' is an abstract notion used by our brain to operate relationships between human beings and their external reality. This abstraction is absolutely required for our psychological understanding, but technically speaking, a small baby  in  an old  photograph, has nothing to do with the 47 year old bald male, I see in the mirror. When the same male was 16, he liked to meet new people and disliked alcohol; now he forces himself to smile  at the neighbours, waving from distance, and  has been fighting alcoholism for the last 15 years. Strictly,  speaking, these people have so little in common - it's just convenient to call myself 'I'.
          For example, an artist  regards  his painting as 'his', an actress remembers her movie  as 'her' role, and now dead, Steve Jobs saw himself in the 'IPOD' project. We divide authority, property and fame, using our passive or active identities, while the division is designed to serve our reproduction, otherwise the process of evolution would cease with no line of descendents.
            Thousands of wrong  matrix mutations in humans finish with suicide, narcotics or risky sports, addicted to adrenalin. As soon as a  matrix detects the  uselessness of a person for reproduction, it will attempt to experiment with them, with a high probability of death.   Furthermore, even if a human cannot produce progeny and believe in their purpose for humanity,  the matrix will  protect its loader from distinction.   This becomes more apparent when different societies sometimes collide.
          The collision between a developed civilization and a primitive one usually ends up with disintegration of the less civilized group, giving up its culture, language and way of living, in order to adjust to the more powerful society and  new environment. 
          So why have the primeval tribes of America absorbed alcohol addiction so easily in the 18th and 19th centuries, and why have northern tribes in  Siberia in the 1960s and 1970s  done the same? The problem happens when  matrices clash, causing the conflict of moral values inside its carrier: “Cognitive dissonance is a discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously.” (Wiki)

           Higher civilization offers to native tribes an easier means of accessing food, shelter and all available vices, like alcohol or marihuana.  The benefits destroy the power relationships between tribe members, changing dependencies on each other. Men and women need to adjust to new circumstances, learning the skills of  the more advanced civilization. This process  can be incredibly painful for middle-aged and old people, just for the reason they have built high status in their old Matrix mode and are completely  unprepared and helpless for the rules shift. This  triggers a sense of self-destruction  in the mind of the lost generation.

          Drugs or alcohol consumption is directly proportional to personal cognitive dissonance.  As one can understand that, different  matrices competing in the mind of individual can send completely contradictive emotional signals, causing severe disorientation and a feeling of uselessness.  This dissonance brings the human mind to the unavoidable conclusion – “Something is wrong with me”, and one popular way to alter that state of consciousness is to get drunk or high.
          Drink  and drug use  is a certain way to modify one’s own  matrix, to try to do something a person has never done before. Strictly speaking, it develops  essential moral mutations, the experiments which will be accepted or rejected by the newer moral code.  From matrix point of view, alcohol and marijuana are just accelerators of generation change, required when a moral code shifts really fast. Therefore, if society implements a dry law, it means the moral  matrix is fighting its change, conserving reality as it is.  
          With careful analysis of prohibition history, one can  claim that the political initiative of a dry law is always coming from a conservative part of society, often polluted with religious or communistic ideas, trying to preserve the existing order of things. Typically, in hierarchical societies, sudden technical progress weakens the harsh dependency on patriarchs, resulting in an inevitable rebellion  of women and kids, who have nothing to loose in the Chimp Matrix, being at very bottom of the authority pyramid. Hierarchical men , feeling their uselessness, are trying to imitate battles and risky life using alcohol or narcotics.
          In 20th century Russia, an unwillingness to drink alcohol at the same pace as your social company, might trigger  a reaction of hostility and suspicion toward the refuser : "You don't drink with us - you disrespect us". Such a curious curve of the hierarchical moral code can be found in various corners of  the earth. For example,  the piece pipe of Native Americans or the Georgian long drinking horn, which unlike a wine glass can only be put aside  when it's empty.  The drinking customs are not random, the alcohol turns off the brain's control system, allowing the host to evaluate the intentions of a drinking guest - simple reasons  are behind any  matrix tradition.
          While personal reasons apply  to substance abuse, the causes for cognitive dissonance can be extremely wide; depending on the type of competing matrices, one can monitor the shift  in moral code by  closely examining pro marijuana initiatives, the popularization of antidepressants  and the attitude towards alcohol. With fast  growing technical progress, we are falling behind in the changes of the matrix, which automatically calls to ease drug policies.

          Interestingly enough, native nation reservations in Canada, who are trying to preserve their traditions,  report huge problems with alcohol, having almost 70% of men engaged in drinking, while their relatives in the cities of Canada have the same alcoholism rates as the rest of population. The paradox of conflicting moral codes is resulting in a strange situation, where trying to preserve old customs causes more cognitive dissonance in people, followed by heavy drinking or drug use, which affects  most of all carriers of the old code - in the case of tribal groups, it's mostly patriarchal men.
            Therefore, believing in current  matrix values is always a key for survival. And from this point of view, let's shortly review the history of humanity.