The Codes Of Moral Matrices

Major Law Of Matrix
What forms Matrices
Matrix And Self Identity
Beauty and Sex Protocols
Early History of Matrices
Economy and Matrix
Politics and Matrix
Conversion from Hetero to Gay

Revision of History

Social Paradoces
Empire of Israel
View of Garry Kasparov
Investigation of the Historical Dating
Civilizing Events
Egyptian Horoscopes
Classical Texts


"Book of civilization" 
Open Ended Time
"Investigation of English history"
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Codes of Moral Martices:   Acknowledgements



Laws of Matrix


   I would like to thank my wife  for her incredible patience and my father for his great intellectual abilities, who discussed and argued each point of this theory and has greatly  powered this work. I should also note  that my social studies are impossible without the critical revision of the existing  chronology and historical science. Therefore, I am glad that I absorbed the ideas of the brilliant historians:  Y.Kesler , V.Ivanov, A.Fomenko, A.Turin and Ralph Davidson.

Further research will be published in English at and in Russian




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